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Poised for Success: Digital Strategy in the Service Industry

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In February of 2021, we celebrated a momentous achievement, both for Service Physics and our partners. We launched six native mobile apps for three forward thinking restaurant brands; Little Beet, Melt Shop, and Fields Good Chicken (one iOS and one Android offering for each) – all within a single month.

This successful launch was a credit to our incredible team and our partnership-oriented approach, driven by our amazing design and development partners at Beta Acid and the excellent in-house teams at Aurify Brands.

Now, at the close of 2021, our mission to solve the industry’s biggest problems has never been so clearly defined and necessitated as during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Our capability for digital strategy and execution has enabled us to effect positive change for the growing restaurant brands we’ve been fortunate to partner with, and we continue to invest in and grow our own capabilities each year.

With virtually every business sector on the planet having been deeply affected in a myriad of ways since early 2020, one thing remains true across all industries – that digital transformation is rapidly accelerating. With restaurant and hospitality businesses bearing the brunt of these extenuating circumstances, quick and dramatic shifts in operational strategy have become necessary to survive. Organizations that can quickly implement an updated digital strategy will be best positioned to not only survive the near-term, but better poised for success as the pandemic eventually subsides. This represents something of a changing of the guard in an industry known for being slow to adopt new technology, in comparison with many other industries.

The integration of technology into restaurant and service industry business models will only continue to grow from this point. Our work here is just getting started, as we continue to share our knowledge and expertise in helping to solve the industry’s biggest problems.

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