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Our People 


We respect people. We think respecting people goes a long way toward making them happy, and we like happy people. We think happy people are productive people. 


At Service Physics, two essential core values serve as our cultural compass’ true north and inform all our work - both internal and external; humanity and teamwork. After all, what is a company if not a collection of individuals engaged in a pursuit they could never accomplish alone? And what value does a collection of individuals that are unhappy working in silos have? Not an exceptional, nor lasting one. 


We understand that people comprise businesses; they’re not simply cogs within them. Service Physics is our people, and we come from a myriad of professional backgrounds and specialties, geographical locations, and even nationalities. Which is to say, we clearly have the best potlucks.







Our Story 

Service Physics was born of innovation, coffee, beer, the mountains of the 2nd best South American soccer player’s homeland, and friendship. Let us explain. 


Founding partners Brian Reece and Steve Crowley came from different industries, but found robustly common grounds in their work together at Starbucks (see what we did there?), championing Lean methodologies, reimagining the drive-thru, and leading the creation of the Mobile Order & Pay app channel.  


Having left Starbucks to apply their experience with Lean and eCommerce at AB-InBev’s innovation subsidiary, the pair created a novel approach to delivering a “minimum effective dose” of Lean and data-driven business practices. The pair went on a world tour, consulting with AB-InBev’s portfolio of businesses of all types and sizes, ending in the idyllic surrounds of the Patagonia region of Argentina (sorry Maradona, Pelé is #1). 


Over well-deserved refreshments and discussion following the conclusion of another day of watching people’s eyes opened to the possibilities in front of them, Steve and Brian could no longer ignore the clarity of the fact - it was time to bring this practice outside the confines of individual corporations and apply it to solving business’ biggest problems and creating industry change for good. Upon returning to NYC, they filed for an LLC and the rest, as they say, was… near ludicrous amounts of administrative, legal, human resource, and operational work. 

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